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Aunts et Uncles

Old Earth Hoodie

Old Earth Hoodie

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Enter the “Old Earth” collection:  A small batch of dead stock garments archived over the years, now intentionally revitalized with the hand-dye process and cycling back through the atmosphere under a new message. Old soul tings. “Old Earth” is a collection like nothing we’ve done before, recycling our surplus as an exclusive set of intuitive pieces as unique as the family member wearing them.  It’s the reminder that Creation is the energy you breathe into whatever you touch–even if it’s something you think you’ve finished. 

Sizes Run Small

Each Garment is Pre-Shrunk 100% Cotton Fleece. Hand dyed, dipped or sprayed. No two pieces are the same. 

*** Each item is unique and the photo represents the 3 different categories. Dip Dye, Tie Dye and Spray Dye. ***

*** Each item is 1 of 1, no 2 are the same***

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